My first Blog - How to write 8log🙂🙂

My first Blog - How to write 8log🙂🙂

Let's start today's blog with the topic How to Write Blog

Blogging is the best way to share your skills, experience, knowledge, mistakes and many other things you have learned throughout your journey to the newcomers in your field. It helps a lot to beginners what to do and how to do and overcome their mistakes.

Today's world🌎 is advancing beyond what we think. Small contributions to this world make one step in advancement. The best way to do such a thing is Blogging so place your finger in a keyword and just write.

This is also my first blog giving you the knowledge of How to write a Blog?? sounds weird😄. But Giving you a little more knowledge which helps you a little bit that's sounds better🙂.

I wouldn't give you the best tip and make many mistakes and You laugh😂 on it and you avoid mistakes done by me. That's the thing I want. In this way, Mistake is passed as knowledge. This is the beauty of Blogging🙂.

There are some tips that I will follow throughout my blogging journey. They are:

1. Just start to write anything that you think.

Starting to write is the toughest, make it as easy as possible. I also hesitated to write but overcoming this fear I started it. To be honest, If you start to write a blog, you will stop at the end of your blog. Sometimes you will stop when your brain stops thinking about what to write then you must take a break and relax automatically new ideas will born as the word for your blog.

2. Title is everything

We should name your blog descriptively and helpfully which makes readers to attract towards your blog.

3. Unique voice

Always be unique in writing. Rather than copying others write simply which makes feeling of This blog is written by me. Get inspired by other content creator but don't forget what you are and who you are!

4. Try to read your blog as a reader

Assume that you are a reader and think🧐 what you want from this blog and write it. It helps a lot to find the mistake and you can easily refactor it.

5. Consistently in blogging

Blogging is a skill that is improved when we write blogs again and again. It increases your productivity, perspective and confidence when you are consistent in blogging. Sharing my opinion, This is also my first blog I don't know what will be in the future but there is a will to do something today.


Blogging is the skill of sharing and gaining knowledge. It helps you to be what you want. New ideas and concepts are born automatically in this field. Just it needs practice like other work. In blogging, Our improvements are easily detectable. It gives awesome refreshments when we read our blog.

Thanks for reading🔥 Give your precious time to read it. Its awesome😎